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Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

--Edgar Allan Poe



When Rachel’s sister abandons her to the lonely halls of Saint Cyprian’s Hospital, she never suspects what might come of this desperate act. It’s for the child's own good, after all. But lurking in those isolated passages are the spirits of the damned who come bearing gifts to forsaken children: a book of evil that summons the crooked things. A book that drags the unwary to their destruction. Nearly two decades on, the sleepy island community of Catalina finds itself plunged into a whirlpool of terror as its residents go missing one by one. But Rachel knows the secrets behind those who find themselves vanished. She knows the past can never be forgotten; it can only be appeased.

"There's a dark side to sunny 1970s Catalina Island, and in Nine Zero One Three Tim Roderick lures the reader straight into those shadows. This chilling journey through the tangled threads of the living, the dead, and those who are neither leads to the questions: What do certain people really want, who can they trust to help them get it, and who wants to stop them? The answers are definitely not what you expect. What you can expect is an intricately woven plot that grips you and takes you on a deep, dark journey. You've been warned." ★★★★★
~~Laura Perry, author of The Bed, Jaguar Sky, and The Last Priestess of Malia
"The dark holds many secrets. In 1970's California, a time of sun and sexual revolution, no one expected the evil that lurked in the shadows of a small island town. Timothy Roderick's chilling new work Nine Zero One Three takes us into a dark world that mixes madness and the supernatural. Thrilling and unsettling, you won't want to put this story down. Timothy's nerve-shredding premise is that evil shows up in the least likely forms--in the innocuous, in the everyday. Nine Zero One Three will leave you looking over your shoulder." 

~~Chris Allaun, author of  The Black Book of Johnathan Knotbrisle

OCT MatY.jpg

One Crooked Thing

Something sinister has followed Ren Larson home through the dark winding roads of Los Angeles. Since investigating a series of murders, it has made its presence known. It murmurs in shadowed hallways. It watches from mirrors and whispers to his six-year-old child. It waits. His doctor says he’s got a case of war nerves. His housekeeper warns of a malevolent spirit, maybe only folklore from her Caribbean childhood. But no one can stop the foul thing, she says, until it devours the soul for which it hungers—a soul ripe with a secret sin.

Enjoy the prequel to
Nine Zero One Three: 
One Crooked Thing. 

“Crooked doesn't begin to describe the depth, texture, and complexity of the storyline in One Crooked Thing. What's real? What's imagined? And what's beyond imagining, but must be believed anyway? In this intricately developed tale of the psychological and the supernatural, Timothy Roderick has woven together strands from Renaissance Germany, the timeless Caribbean, and mid-20th-century America into a novel that will leave the reader breathless, wondering what might creep out of their own closet, basement, or mind."★★★★★

--Laura Perry, author of The Last Priestess of Malia, The Bed, and Jaguar Sky


"...this one scared the hell out of me like no other book has."★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

"You will find it hard to put down. It was totally gripping from the first page to the last!"★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

"...a composite thriller that comes into terrifyingly sharp focus toward the end. This is a real tour de force for the writer, and a lot of eerie fun for the reader."★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

"It was a suspenseful page turner from the start. Warning though: do not read this before going to bed at night!"★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

"Freaky, scary and exhilarating all at the same time. I’ll never look at a nun the same way.... beware, it’ll take some time to shake off the goosebumps!"★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish! A well told plot and storyline with dark and horrific undertones. Expertly written to keep you constantly guessing, totally engaged, and repeatedly turning the pages. I recommend this one to all horror fans."★★★★★

--Amazon Reader

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