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About Timothy Roderick

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I am a native to southern California and live in Los Angeles. Many cultural influences meet at the crossroads of my writing. I often find myself where magic meets myth, the supernatural meets mind-states, and where action and consequence intersect. I explore these and other themes in both fiction and non.

Nonfiction works include (among other titles) COVR finalist Wicca: A Year and a Day, and Small Press Award Winner Dark Moon Mysteries, which was also a Time-Warner Book of the Month Club selection.


My debut fantasy novel, Briar Blackwood’s Grimmest of Fairytales (Lodestone Press, 2015) was inspired by a longtime interest in fairy tales and their roots in the darkness of the human psyche. One Crooked Thing (Amazon, 2020) holds strands of my Catholic upbringing as well as a variety of pre-industrial age customs and magical paths that have intertwined with this faith across history.

In addition to writing, I've spent the past 20+ years working as a psychotherapist.

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